Spencer Krug


Live Shows

DUNCAN, BC — 10/17/23 Tue — Time & Space Continuum
VANCOUVER, BC — 10/18/23 Wed — Fox Cabaret
SEATTLE, WA— 10/19/23 Thu — Barboza
PORTLAND, OR — 10/20/23 Fri — Holocene
SAN FRANCISCO, CA — 10/22/23 Sun — Rickshaw Stop
LOS ANGELES, CA — 10/23/23 Mon — Lodge Room
WASHINGTON, DC — 10/25/23 Wed — Songbyrd
PHILADELPHIA, PA — 10/26/23 Thu — Johnny Brenda's
RIDGEWOOD, NY — 10/27/23 Fri — TV Eye
MEDFORD, MA — 10/28/23 Sat — Deep Cuts
MONTREAL, QC — 10/29/23 — Bar Le Ritz PDB
TORONTO, ON — 10/30/23 Mon — Horseshoe Tavern



As the musician behind Moonface and Sunset Rubdown, co-frontman of Wolf Parade, songwriting member of Swan Lake, and keyboardist for Frog Eyes and Fifths of Seven, Spencer Krug has been a major player on over twenty-five releases within the past two decades. He now releases music and tours under his own name.


Wolf Parade
Sunset Rubdown
Swan Lake
Frog Eyes
Fifths of Seven


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